The All-Inclusive Rental Program (ARP) is designed to let you focus resources where they count. Leave the equipment, service and supplies to us.

As the printing needs of departments change continually,  many of our clients no longer choose to purchase their printing equipment but rather rent it from us.  Our all-inclusive rental program is flexible and customized to each department to maximize efficiency and cost savings.  The convenience of being invoiced once per month helps our clients focus on what they do best and not worry about paying for the equipment, supplies and service individually.   Some of the many benefits are listed below.

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  • Allows for printing cost control
  • Allows for proactive budget management from variable to fixed
  • Included service optimizes printer performance and extends printer life = ROI

Information Technology

  • Frees up IT to focus on core initiatives
  • Reduces number of devices under management
  • Assists in meeting green initiative implementation


  • Simplifies internal proceses with fewer PO’s, invoices, and vendors
  • Reduces costs via avoiding the high cost of per-call service
  • Increases vendor accountability
  • Avoids price increases on ink and paper with locked-in pricing

Department Manager

  • Eliminates costly inventory of toner, ink, and paper
  • Eliminates downtime waiting for toner, ink, and paper
  • Reduces number and SKU’s of toner, ink, and paper

Key Benefits From ESI

  • All technicians are hardware and software trained
  • Most equipment we sell is used internally, giving us a unique understanding of your needs
  • Software and firmware upgrades included in agreement
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