Engineering Supply and Imaging is an authorized dealer of the award-winning Contex wide-format scan systems. Whether you’re looking to create a digital archive of engineering drawings or scan the occasional document, Contex scan systems are available to scan most document types, sizes, and volume requirements. These systems come in a variety of capabilities and options for easy file sharing, rapid indexing, various scan speeds and resolutions, monochrome and color.

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On Site Equipment
On Site Equipment
Model Benefits Brochure (pdf)
HD Ultra X SERIES Outstanding image quality and productivity Learn More
IQ Quattro Series Most popular for CAD type drawings Learn More
SD One MF Series No need for a pc, has a built-in controller & an annotating touchpad, can be used remotely Learn More
IQ Flex 18×24 Flatbed Scanner Capable of scanning a 24×36 in 2 scans & auto stitch the file, great for fragile docs/ artwork, etc. Learn More

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